Simplify floor access has two benefits, facilitate the life of the people and value the property but the cost of the elevator can be expensive. In this article, we will see the different criteria to make the right choice.

High floor, terrace, view, calm… “If there is an elevator in the building, customers are instantly seduce. If they have to take the stairs, they only focus on the effort to make,” says Nicolas Philipp, manager of Ergon agency in Marseille. Also, “even with a price gap of 30%, the delay can go from a few days to a few months”. So, it is without saying that an elevator benefit for the older population, the person with disabilities and the large families but even for every person in the building.

Not to mention that the installation of an elevator can be profitable up to 5 times on resale. Of course, there is the cost for maintenance and cleaning services… But they are up to 180 € a year and for accomodation, according to the ARC (Association of condominium managers).


Prices of 25 000 to 300 000 € depending on the model and the building

In first, the cost depends on the floor number to deserve and his charge capacity. To move 6 people or 450 kg on 7 floors, an elevator cost between 25 000 to 35 000 €. For 10 people or 1 000 kg in a new building, an elevator cost between 40 000 to 55 000 €.

In Paris, there is a lot of old buildings that need to be modify (carpentry, masonry, painting, electricity) to install an elevator. Indeed the staircase need to be modify, if the elevator can not fit, then an outdoor pylon needs to be built.
In the first case, the cost can be between 100 000 to 150 000 €. In the second one, it can be from 200 000 to 300 000 €.


Aestheticism and technology comes with a price

Aestheticism will also take part in the final bill. The materials choices, the buttons quality, etc. All of this can change the final price by 2 500 to 7 000 €.
Some features, like the frequency converter that cost between 5 000 to 7 000 €.
It allows the customer to reduce its energy consumption by 65% (says the french elevator federation).

Some technicals choices are defined by the building size more than the people desire. For example, electrical traction take a lot of space but it allows smoother travels. With the same space, you can transport 4 people instead of 3 in hydraulic elevators, but limited to 4 floors.


Maintenance contracts

Since may 2012, they are normalized and they offer many services.
- 2 full controls a year
- Troubleshooting
- Extrictionduct
- 10 years warranty for electronics
- 20 years warranty for electromechanics
- 30 years warranty for motor parts.

The simple contract costs between 1 400 to 1 600 € a year. For 150 to 400 € more, you will have an intervention in 1 hour on hours worked and in 4 to 6 hours the rest of the time. Phone maintenance can be assured for 150 €.

The electricity consumption is between 600 to 700 € per year for a classic building of 5 to 7 floors.


In the courtyard
Cost: between 100 000 to 140 000 €
Capacity: 3 people or 225 kg

With an outdoor cabin landing on each floors through the stair windows.
Solution used when there is not enough space on the stairs.

Classic in a new building
Cost: between 27 000 to 37 000 €.
Capacity: 6 people or 630 kg on 4 floors.

Stratified interior cabin to mix aestheticism and cost. Gearless technology involve a reduced consumption and a small space used.

Top of the line panoramic
Cost: between 210 000 to 250 000 €. Additional cleaning, between 600 to 1 000 € per year.
Capacity: 10 people or 800 kg.

Glazed cabin. For wealthy buildings with huge rooms and a lot of space.

Cost: between 100 000 to 150 000 €.
Capacity: 2 people or 180 kg.

Unique projects. For example, in a building of 100 years old, there will be carpentry involved, in order to cup some step to fit the elevator.